Pre-Arrangement with Memorial Alternatives

During our lives we plan for many special events and ceremonies: education, graduations, weddings, having a family, birthdays, vacations, anniversaries, and especially our retirement. However, many neglect to plan for the ceremony that reflects the completion of life- the funeral. Life involves passages... and everything, and everyone with a beginning has an ending. We discuss our plans for the future with those who we share our lives, but death and funerals we ignore, putting it off until the need arises.


  • You are able to make rational and logical decisions. When it does come time to plan a funeral, there can be stress, apprehension, and even confusion. Pre-planning for one's death is not a preoccupation with death, but a sincere desire to be helpful to those who are involved with saying their good-byes. Making tomorrow's decisions today is a loving way of giving rational and logical guidance to those we must leave.
  • The assurance that your wishes are known. The first step is to get together with your family. Offer your thoughts and then listen carefully. Give others ideas special attention. Since your funeral will most directly affect your family, it is essential to include their suggestions in your plan.
  • It will ease a possible financial burden on others. You can select the services and merchandise according to your wishes, spiritual beliefs, as well as for financial means, by either pre-paying for the services or completing all the necessary paperwork ahead of time.


  • Arrange a conference time. Arrangements can be made at our facility, in your home, or on line (see either arranging for burial or arranging for cremation).
  • Placing your information on file. We will keep on file the copies of the forms needed for making you personal arrangements. The information includes vital statistics and interests such as birth date and place, parent's names, occupation, education, your hobbies and club memberships. Your file may include discharge papers from the military or a special verse to be placed upon a memorial folder.
    You will indicate your choice of services. Funeral or memorial service, burial, cremation, entombment or transfer to another city.
  • You may want to make specific selections. The selection of a casket or cremation container, a burial or urn vault, an urn, flowers, and a monument or memorial marker, all are available for your selection.
  • Arrange for pre-payment. The services do not have to be pre-paid. However, if you decide to pre-pay, the costs of the funeral home services and the merchandise selected will be gauranteed. A trust account, or an insurance policy, would be set up in your name. Payment can be made at one time or by monthly payments.


  • Alleviates any financial responsibility on your survivors.
  • Guarantees that the pre-paid services of the Funeral Home and selected merchandise are paid in full no matter when the funeral is needed.
  • Versatility. Our single, or monthly payment plan is transferable to any funeral home in the world, plus the accumulated interest is transferred should another Funeral Home be selected for services.
    Allows the sheltering of funds for funeral expenses and still be eligible for Medicaid. Under existing Medicaid rules, pre-paying of funeral expenses is allowed and uncountable as an asset by the State of Michigan when consideration for Medicaid is being made.


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How Pre-need Arrangements are Funded and Guaranteed

All funeral contracts that are pre-paid by a family are placed either into, a trust account or into a burial insurance policy. It is important for a family to understand that the pre-paid monies do not belong to the funeral home, but the money is held in trust or insurance in the name of the owner of the trust or the insured. One Hundred percent of the money is placed in that account.

When any services or merchandise of the funeral home is pre-paid, the funeral home guarantees that, at the time of need, no other funds for those services or merchandise will be sought from the person making funeral arrangements or from the estate of the deceased. The interest that accumulates in the trust or insurance policy is designated to cover the increased cost of the services or merchandise selected.

At the time of death we bill the insurance policy our present charges. If the account has grown more than the charges, the beneficiary will receive the difference. If the charges have grown more than the account, the Funeral Home takes a loss. The only time anyone pays more is when they select more goods or services.

The insurance company used by Memorial Alternatives is NGL.

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