Arranging for Cremation

When arranging cremation, whether for yourself or a loved one, you will need to complete several documents and choose and urn or a suitable container .

Necessary information for the death certificate and burial transit permit (this permit is used for cremation as well as burial) must be recorded.
Click here to access the Basic Information Form.

Cremation Authorization from all next of kin must be obtained. This is not our requirement but a legality that we must comply with. No cremation can take place without written authorization (including  Facsimile) from the authorized Next-of-Kin of the deceased.  The closest NOK is as follows.  SPOUSE, CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN, PARENTS, SIBLINGS, NIECES and NEPHEWS, GRAND-NIECES and NEPHEWS, GRANDPARENTS, AUNTS and UNCLES, FIRST COUSINS, and thereafter  as follows: all persons within the same degree of Kinship must authorize the cremation.
Click here to access the Cremation Authorization Form.

There are a number of choices for cremation containers. Please see our Cremation Packages Page for value packages and Choices for Remains for other options.

We invite you to print the required forms (or submit them online) and then contact us for a brief appointment to finalize the arrangements.



Cremation Authorization Form
Basic Information Form

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Arranging for Cremation
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The advantages of making arrangements in advance make good sense.
How and Why to Pre-Plan
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