What can I do with the cremated remains (ashes)?

That's a common, and good question. The options are many... and because of that, choosing a suitable final resting place deserves some careful consideration. In the state of Michigan, you can do anything you want with the cremains except:

  1. Put them in any body of water in the State of Michigan.
  2. Put them on private property without the property owners permission.

Many people have their ashes buried in a family grave. Most cemeteries allow the burial of two sets of cremated remains (ashes) or one full burial and one cremation in a single grave. Most of the cemeteries will require the use of a non-biodegradeable container (urn) or an urn vault.

Some families scatter the cremains (ashes) at a favorite spot. This option should be given careful consideration. Once the ashes are scattered, they can not be recovered. Also keep in mind that a memorial or grave marker may not be possible in the area.

Veterans have several options for the final resting place for their cremains. Our Veterans Page has the information.

The Seasons Sundial by Batesville

Batesvile Tranquil Spring Fountain

Partnering with Celestis Inc., Memorial Alternatives can arrange a place for your cremains on a future launch.

Eternal Reefs™  allow placement of the cremains of yourself or a loved one as a permanent living memorial in an ocean reef.


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